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Our brand “Sierra las Villas” immediately takes you to our geographical environment, specifically to the “Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park”.

The Sierra las Villas is located between the Sierra de Cazorla and the Sierra de Segura, and is framed next to them in an environment of unparalleled nature, surrounded by a primarily mountain olive grove, which gives our oils a differentiating character compared to the one produced. from other geographic areas.

A privileged place where, since time immemorial, olive groves have been cultivated and extra virgin olive oils of exceptional quality have been produced.

Our olive tradition and heritage, which make up our essence, pushes us day after day towards excellence in obtaining our most precious products, our liquid gold, our Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

We put all our heart into sharing with you the best of our house, that is our motivation, to make you partners in an excellent product both gastronomically and healthily.


We produce more than 8 million kilos of olive oil, of which we bottle only 400 thousand under our brand “SIERRA LAS VILLAS”. These are selected by categories (FAMILY and SELECTION range) by our oil masters so that you can enjoy them in your gastronomy. We also make limited production Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which we call BIKURIM.

We thank you on behalf of our countless olive growers, engineers, mill masters, technicians and workers in general of this, your cooperative, for the trust you place in us by deciding that our oils are part of your lives, because with that gesture you honor our effort and the memory of those who preceded us in this work and bequeathed us their particular way of being and understanding life and work, and encourages us every day not to falter in our commitment to quality, innovation and respect to the environment, in pursuit of sharing that excellence that we have always pursued, because without you none of it would make sense.

Awards and mentions

ENAC-CERTIFOOD Certification of Integrated Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in accordance with the order of June 12, 2013 of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Government of Andalucía.



ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification for traceability at all stages of the production chain, obtained continuously since 2013.

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