Flying together with your Vape

Flying together with your Vape

Flying together with your Vape

Travelling with vapes/e-cigarettes, e-liquid and vape add-ons is currently quite typical for most of us, but there are a rules that are few recommendations you ought to know of before jumping in the air plane.

First of all, any charging or usage of one’s vape on an airplane is strictly forbidden and dangerous.

Next, always double-check with flight staff to ensure that you are complying using the airline’s policies.

This short article is a guideline for how exactly to safely and lawfully travel together with your vapes, eliquid and add-ons.

Keep On or Sign In?

  • Constantly be sure to make your unit off before boarding.
  • Unscrew the tank through the device if at all possible.
  • For those who have a unit that utilizes outside batteries, make sure to get rid of the batteries through the unit and put them in a battery situation.
  • It’s a good clear idea to fully empty your tank before traveling, because the improvement in elevation usually creates a stress lock resulting in leaking.
  • Maintaining your vape gear in one single location in your case can make it easier to find your mod when you look at the full instance of any dilemmas.


  • Always check all containers for leaks.
  • Ensure that the size of each bottle does not meet or exceed allowable liquid quantities (typically 100ml optimum).
  • Juice should certainly be saved in either carry-on or examined baggage it’s constantly better to check always with Airport staff.
  • Shop in a ziplock that is clear, in the event of a drip.
  • Be sure to check out the legislation regarding the nation you might be going to or moving through, as some nations prohibit smoking e-liquid.


  • Constantly eliminate batteries from your own device if it’s feasible to do this.
  • Always shop batteries securely in a top quality insulating battery situation.
  • Always shop batteries on carry-on baggage.


  • Take away the pod from your unit and keep it sealed (when possible) even though you fly. The air-pressure through the cabin might cause your pod to leak, therefore before you insert it once again, wrap the bottom of the pod with a few paper towels and blow through it for approx. 5 moments to drive out any excess e-liquid.
  • Keep all un-opened pods in sealed packets while traveling.

E-cigarettes are generally running on lithium-ion batteries, which could self-ignite if damaged, confronted with temperates that are high have manufacturing problem, therefore they need to be saved in your carry-on luggage in the event of any event.