Remember that the following are not consistently related to attractiveness for ladies:

Remember that the following are not consistently related to attractiveness for ladies:

Remember that the following are not consistently related to attractiveness for ladies:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Fat
  • Passions (besides activities)
  • Governmental viewpoints
  • Personality faculties
  • Mood
  • Self-respect
  • Put differently, ladies aren’t in search of numerous www.datingranking.net/positivesingles-review/ traits that are specific. Real attractiveness being athletic are regularly viewed as attractive, but apart from that, one other things could get in any event.
  • Therefore, think about the top mechanisms of attraction (similarity, reciprocity, beauty, protection)? Those that had been correlated with attraction?


  • Were people more attracted if these people were a lot more like each other on most of the various faculties?
  • Nope. Attraction ended up beingn’t actually linked to similarity.


  • If an individual person liked their date, is the date more prone to that way individual?
  • Nope. In reality, the scientists discovered analytical proof towards the contrary: if your relationship partner indicated they liked their date, their date had been less inclined to state they liked the individual.
  • You can easily interpret this in a few methods, however it’s proof against reciprocity in rate relationship.
  • Simply since you such as your date does not mean they’ll like you right back immediately.


  • We currently went within the proof right here. Did attraction that is physical want to carry on another date?
  • YES.
  • This is real for guys as well as ladies.


  • Did females feel more interested in guys when they felt safer with him?
  • Nope.
  • Feminine attraction had not been correlated with feelings of protection or emotions of accessory in a choice of partner.


  • Lots of medical work had been put in finding out of the following:
  • Females aren’t, general, trying to find any trait that is particular guys whenever speed dating.
  • This really is most likely because each girl actively seeks unique characteristics, and these characteristics all clean out when you look at the average.
  • Guys were prone to all desire similar things (low weight, taller, athletic, comparable political views, particular character faculties, good mood, high self-esteem).
  • Fundamentally, guys had been almost certainly going to wish particular similar characteristics in ladies, while ladies each had unique things these were shopping for.
  • Safety, reciprocity, and similarity d The only thing that consistently mattered for both women and men had been real attractiveness and athleticism.
  • Should we be frustrated by these outcomes?
  • We don’t think therefore. We do have control of our attractiveness to a qualification.
  • Just how we dress, carry ourselves, and portray ourselves can influence our attractiveness to ladies.
  • Furthermore, these outcomes just connect with 5-minute speed dating. To help make the impression that is biggest for the reason that 5-minute period, real attractiveness is the greatest method to take action.


Luo, S., & Zhang, G. (2009). Just just What results in attraction that is romantic Similarity, reciprocity, safety, or beauty? Evidence from a study that is speed-dating. Journal of Personality, 77(4), 933-964.

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